Isaac Rosenberg

Returning, we hear the larks


Isaac Rosenberg was born in Bristol on 25 november 1890 and died in combat near Arras on 1 april 1918. He was a poet and a painter. Rosenberg's parent where poor Jewish-Russian immigrants. He lived in London's East End and at fourteen started to work at a publisher. In the evening he studied arts and with financial aid went to the Slade School of Fine Art. Partly because of financial problems and without a job he joined the army and left for France in 1916. On 1 april 1918 he died in the battle of Arras. Hij is buried at the Bailleul Road East Cemetery in Saint-Laurent-Blangy.

Returning we hear the larks

This is about a group of frightend soldiers, walking on patrol in the evening. The men are anxious because everywhere lurks death. They follow a trail back to the safety of their camp. Then they hear the sound of larks, like 'music showering' on their faces. They are lucky...instead of dead, this time it is music that dropped from the dark.

I want to read the poem and listen to the song

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