Alfred Lichtenstein



Alfred Lichtenstein (born 23. August 1889 in Wilmersdorf b. Berlin; died in combat 25. September 1914 bei Vermandovillers, Somme, Frankreich) was a german soldier and writer.His family owned a textile factory and Alfred was educated to become a laywer. In 1913 he volunteered in the bayerische second Infanterieregiment in M√ľnich. Alfred was a soldier from the beginning of the war. His doubts about the war and the forseeing of his own death are repeating subjects in his poetry.


In 'Abschied' a soldier tries to write his final poem. He askes his comrades not to disturb him, and he tries not to think about his worried family and his worried loved-ones at home. He knows he has to die, probably very soon, and he is building up courage by thinking about death as a minor incident.

The poem has a subtle tension between heroism and the fear of dying.

I want to read the poem and listen to the song

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