Wilfrid Gibson

Mark Anderson


Wilfrid Wilson Gibson (2 October 1878 – 26 May 1962) was a British Georgian poet, associated with World War I but also the author of much later work. Gibson was born in Hexham, Northumberland, and left the north for London in 1914 after his mother died. Gibson worked for a time as a social worker in London's East End. After the outbreak of war, Gibson served as a private in the infantry on the Western Front. It was therefore from the perspective of the ordinary soldier that Gibson wrote his war poetry.

Mark Anderson

On the table, next to a friend (Mark) who's wounded head is wrapped in bandage, stands a glass of water. The evening turns into the morning, the writer is still sitting near the bed and the glass remaines untouched because Mark is not able to drink the water.

This short poem tells about the writer, sitting by the bed of his wounded friend. The only thing he can do is getting a glass of water, but this is not helping because Mark is no longer able to drink the water. The poet stares sleepless at the untouched glass.

I want to read the poem and listen to the song

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