René Arcos

Les Morts


René Arcos was born at Clichy, 16 septembre 1880 and died at Neuilly-sur-Seine on 16 juillet 1959. He was a member of the Abbaye group, a utopian artistic and literary community founded in 1906. Arcos became a war correspondent in the First World War, working for the Chicago Daily News.

Les Morts

All the widows-dresses are blown in the same direction by the wind and all the tears of pain end up in the same river. The dead, laying side by side, are now all without hate and without a flag. They are all on the same side. The dead lay like brothers in the ground, forever, all part of the same defeat. Divided sons, who tear pieces of territories, but in vain because they all die, and the dead end up all on the same side. Under the ground there is only one homeland without battles and victories.

Arcos emphasizes that every soldier from every country is equal in death. In life people kill each other over pieces of territory, and when the killing is over, all the dead forever end up on the same side.

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