Jean Arbousset

Le Cheval Tué


Jean Roger Bernard Arbousset was born on 7 mai 1895 at Béziers (Hérault). He died in combat 9 june 1918 at Cuvilly (Oise). During the war he wrote several poems. His comrades nicknamed him 'quinze grammes' for his delicate stature. He wrote several poems during the war in a book called 'Le livre de quinze grammes, caporal'.

Le Cheval Tué

In the First World War horses where used on a grand scale in the army. Millions of horses where killed by bullets and grenades. This poem was written in 1916 at the Cimetières de Combles. The poem starts with a dying horse, lying in a pool of blood. The horse is looking in vain at passers-by, for compassion or aid. While he is stiffening and trembling he remembers the good things in life: the country, meadows, mares and playing.When the sun has set, in the night, the horse is dead now noticed by passing soldiers, who likely will meet a similar fate: lying dead in a pool of blood.

It is a tragic story, where a horse dies alone because of his injurys, neglected by the passing soldiers who will meet a similar fate.

I want to read the poem and listen to the song

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