Guillaume Apollinaire

Pas De Lettre De Toi


Guillaume Apollinaire (Wilhelm Albert Wlodzimierz Apolinary Kostrowicki) was born in Rome, 26 augustus 1880 and died in Paris, 9 november 1918. Appolinaire was a French writer and poet. Beeing a foreigner who wants to proof his patriotism he enlisted in the French army in 1914. In 1916 he was hit by a grenade in the head. Because of his injury he left the front and worked in a military office in Paris. He died of the Spanish Flu in november 1918.

About Pas De Lettre De Toi

The poem is one of many poems, written between 1914-1916 for his beloved Louise de Coligny (Lou). Apollinaire is stationed at Nimes in a military camp, and he waits in vain for a letter from Lou. He decribes his sadness, the waiting for the postmaster and how he plays with the dog that was found by him and Lou.In the end he emphasizes his need for a lettre, that should arive no later than tomorrow, for else he will become very, very desperate.

This poem is not about big things but the loneliness: the soldier and his lover are separated by the war and writing is the only contact.

I want to read the poem and listen to the song

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